Warlord Grypon

Grypon directs V’sori activities from Beachhead, where the V’sori have turned their invasion point into a stronghold. He has at his disposal an impressive amount of V’sori armor and infantry, although he is restricted in what he can do with them by Ch’thadra’s orders.
Grypon keeps track of any superhuman activities in Star City in an effort to unlock the secrets that Ch’thadra seeks. Omega activity is a bit aggravating to him, and so Grypon is slowly building up a database of their methods and members. As the magnitude of Omegan activities increase, so does Grypon’s interest in the cells responsible. Over time, Omegan cells can expect to see strike teams and assassins sent by Grypon that are specially tailored to counter the unique super-powers of the villains they fight!
Although Grypon does not hesitate to eradicate powerful Omegans, he would prefer to take them alive so he can interrogate them for intelligence on Omega and, more importantly, find more information on the Proteans and their enigmatic god. Any prisoners of Grypon that have outlived their usefulness can expect to be tortured to death, dissected by V’sori scientists, or made into “super-drones” by enterprising V’sori researchers.

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