You can thank Don for his knick name. Since he came into the group as David and Don pointing out that his massive video collection could rivival most mom and pop video stores that a good knick name for him would be Vid....just drop the "dah".

A poor speller who can forget he even boil water till it burns.

Not a bad person, just too straight forward. You will always know where you stand since he does not think about your feeling when he speaks to you. He does not mean to offend; but, if he is talking more then likely someone will become offended. He knows his opinion is the only one that matter in his world and will share it with you even if you are of a different mind on the subject. Remember, your just visiting his world, it Vid that lives in it. Everything takes planing; for in planing he can forget what it was he was working on to begin with.

He had completed not one but two tech college courses while dropping out of high School and never once need his G.E.D. till he was 37 years old.....little late for it to matter you think? When ever he needed to learn something he never even thinks "I can't" he just tried and learn for him errors. You learn more from failure then you do for success. 1+1=2 ok; but, 1+1=3 means you have an extra for later. It might be wrong but its a win in theend

What he calls hobbies most other people can call a job. He learn from his friends...Don, Tom, and Russel most everything he knows about computer...the rest he figured out by frankstiening ones he pickup outta other peoples trash and restoring them to life.
"Will work for food" is not a side of the road slogan; it your best way to get him to do work for you. If you ask him to do something give it to him in writing or you will never get it done. White wolf could use him to discride absent minded. He will never take another language on since he has yet to finish destroying this one.

He questions everything...even his instructions from his do so mean he learns why they want something done one way. So they do not have to ask him next time when he comes across it again in the future.
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"Conceal nothing. And watch the fools search forever." html crib sheets

......File:Vid qbert regex 16.pngMSC Run CommandsFile:Hextable.gif<br.

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