This section of town features glittering high-rises and skyscrapers of glass and steel. The buildings in the southern area of this section sport a more retrograde architecture. McGlothlin Park, the largest park in the city, is split between the Uptown and Downtown sections. Its once pristine, tree-lined lanes have grown out of control since the invasion, and its branches and bowers help conceal a fierce street gang that preys upon the alien occupiers.
Uptown is also the location of the campus of Star City University (SCU), a small, private university with an enrollment of some 5,000 students. SCU’s campus borders McGlothlin Park, and houses one of the nation’s foremost programs in robotics and electrical engineering. Since the V'sori have taken over Star City, they have kept a close eye on the research at SCU’s robotics laboratory, which once had close links to several military projects.
Numerous student protests occur every month on SCU’s campus, many of them ending with violent confrontations between the students and Star City Police Department officers. The SCPD have been able to contain the protestors for now, so the V'sori have not taken a direct hand against them.

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