Matt has always been a hard-working, follow-the-rules kind of guy. This quality helped him easily reach Eagle Scout, excel at Annapolis and made him a superb ensign and then lieutenent when he was still active Navy (before the accident that gave him his powers). Now, as a super-powered hero and member of Delta Prime, he sees his mission – to support and defend the US Constitution against all enemies – as unchanged; he simply has expanded capabilities to protect and defend all that depend upon him. Matt takes his duties to ensure the safety of innocents so seriously that he would rather allow a villain to escape than to risk the life of any bystander unlucky enough to be caught in the crossfire of a battle he’s in.

Matt has a hard time understanding the motivation of those who bend or break the rules, seemingly on a whim and always for convenience’s sake. For Matt, the ends never justify the means. If he finds himself working with such cavalier individuals, an argument is bound to break out.

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