Ch’thadra did not spend his exile idly. Now calling himself the “Overmind,” Ch’thadra had the combined intellect of all the minds he’d once held. As the centuries passed, he and his minions developed a new society, super-weapons, and an unimaginable space fleet. The V’sori conquered the neighboring galaxies and enslaved all the races they encountered. One of the races the V’sori encountered were a meek people brimming with latent supernatural abilities—the Proteans. Rather than fight, the Proteans fled. Most were slain, but one ship managed to slip away to Earth—where they sensed the attackers had come from.
The Protean ship was damaged in its flight and crash-landed in Siberia in 1908. The crater it made has come to be called the Tunguska blast. The surviving Proteans used their abilities to disguise themselves as human beings, and lived in a single remote village near the crash site for several years.
There they prayed to their distant god, who the Proteans called the Outsider. He slowly communicated his desires to his chosen people by dreams and visions: to go forth and multiply. Since the visions began, the Proteans were haunted by one strange image that they didn’t understand until 1955—an image of an eight-pointed star. The obedient Proteans did as they were instructed, and for nearly a century interbred with humans. The children of these pairings inherited a portion of their alien parent’s power, though it rarely manifested except under extremely stressful situations.

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