Vid Pixie

Sprockets Scairhad CR 512345678912345678912345678951234567891234567891234 CR 11

CG Sm Female Pixie ECL 4 Artificer 7th
Init +0; Senses -; Listen +0, Spot +0
Languages Common, Languages, Languages, Languages, Languages & Languages.


AC 10, touch 10, flat-footed 10


hp ?? (7HD)
Fort 2 +2, Ref 2 +8, Will 5 +6


Spd 30 ft. (6 squares)
BAB +5; Grp +0
Melee Weapon

  • Weapon +0 Atck (P.Dmg 0d0;20 x0)

Ranged Weapon

  • Weapon +0 Atck (P.Dmg 0d0;20 x0)

Special Atk None.

Infusions(CL5; DC13+Infusion Lvl)

3rd: (2/day) - Adamantine Weapon, Blast Rod, Greater Armor Enhancement, Greater Magic Weapon, Lucky Cape,
Metamagic Item, Power Surge, Suppress Requirement
2nd: (4/day) - Align Weapon, Armor Enhancement, Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, Cat's Grace, Chill Metal,
Eagle's Splendor, Elemental Prod, Fox's Cunning, Heat Metal, Inflict Moderate Damage, Lucky Blade , Lesser Natural Weapon Augmentation, Owl's Wisdom, Reinforce Construct, Repair Moderate Damage, Toughen Construct, Lesser Weapon Augmentation, Unseen Crafter.
1st: (4/day) - Ablative Armor, Energy Alteration, Enhancement Alteration, Identify, Indisputable Possession,
Inflict Light Damage, Lesser Armor Enhancement, Light, Magic Stone, Magic Vestment, Magic Weapon, Metamagic Scroll, Pending Potion, Repair Light Damage, Resistance Item*, Shield of Faith, Skill Enhancement, Spell Storing Item, Personal Weapon Augmentation.


Abilities Str 8 -1, Dex 22 +6, Con 11 +0, Int 20 +5, Wis 12 +1, Cha 20 +5

4th: +1 to Con.

SQ Pixie Traits, Artificer Knowledge 7L,5A +12, Artisan Bonus, Disable Trap, Item Creation, Retain Essence, Craft Reserve: 40 pts..
Feats Point Blank Shot1st, Precise Shot3rd, Scribe ScrollB, Brew PotionB, Craft Wondrous ItemB, Craft HomunculusB, Craft Magic Arms & ArmorB, Craft ConstructB andImproved Homunculus6th, Flyby Attack??
Flaws Noncombatant 1st & Weak Will 2nd.
Skills:(90pts) Appraise4C,5A</sup>+9, Concentration 8C,0A+8, Craft: Alchemy 8C,5A+13, Craft: Carpentry 8C,5A+13, Craft: Blacksmithing 8C,5A+13, Disable Device 8C,5A+13, Hide 0C,6A,4R+10, Knowledge:Arcana 8C,5A+13, Knowledge:The Planes 4C,5A+9, Open Lock 8C,6A+14, Profession: 4C,1A+5, Search 8C,5A+13, Spellcraft 6C,5A+11, Use Magic Device 8C,5A+13


Worn None.
Carried Thieves Tools, mwk Artisans Tools
Magical Items Golem Manual:Cay2


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