The roles are: Edit

  • Guardian - Balanced role: No special bonuses or drawbacks. May use any slotted passive.
  • Protector - "Tank" role: Increased Hit points, Crowd Control resistance, energy decay, threat, energy from blocking. May only use defensive passive. - (CoH: Controller/Tank)
  • Avenger - "Ranged DPS" role: Increased ranged damage, reduced healing effectiveness, crowd control effectiveness, no energy from blocking. May only use offensive passive. - (CoH: Blaster/Defender)
  • Brawler - "Melee DPS" role: Increased melee damage, snare on melee attacks, reduced ranged damage. - (CoH: Scrapper)
  • Sentinel - "Support" role: Increased healing, crowd control effectiveness, crowd control resistance, reduced hit points, damage, greatly reduced energy decay. May only use support passive. - (CoH: Controller/Defender)

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