Recovery/Healing by RestingEdit

Fb 2 pts/hr.1 pt/300 turns(1/2 hr)
Pr 4 pts/hr.1 pt/150 turns(15 min.)
Ty 6 pts/hr.1 pt/100 turns(10 min.)
Gd 10 pts/hr.1 pt/60 turns(6 min.)
Ex 20 pts/hr.1 pt/30 turns(3 min.)
Rm 30 pts/hr.1 pt/20 turns(2 min.)
In 40 pts/hr.1 pt/15 turns(1 1/2 min.)
Am 50 pts/hr.1 pt/12 turns(72 sec.)
Mn 75 pts/hr.1 pt/8 turns(48 sec.)
Un 100 pts/hr.1 pt/6 turns(36 sec.)
ShX 150 pts/hr.1 pt/4 turns(24 sec.)
ShY200 pts/hr.1 pt/3 turns(18 sec.)
ShZ 500 pts/hr.1 pt/turn (avg)(6 sec.)

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