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Penny CopperpotEdit

CG M Female Half-Drow, Favored Soul (of Eilistraee) 8th
Init:+2, Sense: Dark Vision 60', Low-light Vision; Listen1rl,2a,+3, Spot1rl,2a+3, & Search1rl,0a+1
Languages: Common, Elven. UnderCommon, DrowSigh and Drow Tongue


AC 18/22, touch 14, flat-footed 18/20

[+2Dex, 0Sz, +5/7Armor, +1/3Shield, +1Defect]

hp 62 (6HD8+18) Resist: 10/Fire
Fort 2 +9, Ref1 +8, Wil2 +9


Spd 30 [6 squares]
BAB+6/+1; Grp +7
Melee Atck:

  • Bastard Sword+2 +10/+4 atck [Dmg1D10+5;Cit19x2]

Rng Atck:

  • Spiritual Weapon +8/+2atck [Dmg1d8+3] Dur.: 6rds.

'Divine Spontaneous Spells[CL6;SaveDC13+SL]

4th(3): Magic Vestment, Grace~, & Weapon of Energy
3rd(5): Magic Vestment, Grace~, & Weapon of Energy
2nd(6): Bear’s Endurance, Bull’s Strength, Lesser Restoration, & Spiritual Weapon
1st(6): Divine Favor, Blade of Blood~, Faith Healing, Cure Light Wounds, & Shield of Faith
0(6): Detect Evil, Detect Posion, Detect Magic, Create Water, Light, Spell, & Spell.
~Swift Actions

Special Atck: Divine Favor[+3 Luck bonus to atck & dmg], .


Abilities(32pts.) Str 14+2, Dex 15+2, Con 14+2, Int 12+1, Wis 14+2, Cha 16+3
SQ Deity's Weapon Focus, Energy Resist(10/Fire).
Feats: Nymphs Kissb, Power Atck1st, Ancestral Relic3rd, CosmopolitonB*, Knowledge Devotion:Religion6th.
Flaws: Flaw1st, Flaw5th,
Skills(38pts.): Concentration6r2a+8, Diplomacy5r2rl3a+10, Gather Information0r,2rl3a+5, Heal4r2a+6, Knowledge: Arcana3r0a+3, & Knowledge:Religion8r0a1f+9, and Perform*: Dance 5r3a2f2c+12, Perform*: Singing 5r3a2f2c+12.


Worn Elven Chain, , Buckler, Gloves of Dexterity+2, Cloak of Resistance+1, Hat of Disguise.
Carried Bastard Sword+2; Rod of Extend

Spell Notes



  • Spell
  • Magic Vestment Bonus Armor/Shield 1+1per 4 Levels[Max:+5@20]Dur: 6hrs
  • Grace~ +10 Spd; +2 Scared bonus Dex, +1 to AC; Light 60'; Dur.:6 rnds.
  • Weapon of Energy +1d6 acid, cold, electricity, or fire Dmg.Cit +1d10; Dur.: 6rds.




Sword Dancer



  • Combat Expertise [Int of 13 +1 Int @ 9th and 12th]

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