FASERIP GdExInAmTyTyRm Health = 120Karma = 42 KNOWN POWERS: Body Armor Immortality The Olympians are the superhuman resi- dents of the pocket dimension of Olympia. Like the Asgardians, who were also worshipped as deities by early civilizations, they have Good protection from physical attack, but unlike the Asgardians, the Olympians are true immortals, and as such are very difficult to slay. The pocket dimension of Olympus has its earthly terminus in Greece, and it was here and throughout the Mediterranean that these beings were venerated. They used the Eternals of Olympia as their representatives among men, which resulted in confusion between the Eternals and the Olympian pantheon (made worse by similarity in name and appearance—Zeus and Zuras, Athena and Thena, Mercury and Makkari). The Olympian pantheon is no longer worshipped save for Neptune/ Poseidon, who is venerated by the Atlanteans. The Olympians are ruled by Zeus, the mythological head of the Pantheon. Olympians such as Hercules and Venus still walk among humans.

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