Mystic and Mental Skills: These Talents are quasi-Powers, simulating some of the effects of Powers themselves, while being available in the Marvel Universe to those characters without those abilities.

Trance: The character may place himself into a trance. While in a trance the character slows his body functions to such a level that he may be assumed to be deceased (Intuition FEAT for the character checking). A character in a trance reduces needs for food and water to a minimal level, and may regain Endurance ranks at one rank per day.

Mesmerism and Hypnosis: This Talent is a primitive form of Mind Control at the Power rank number equal to the Reason of the character with this Talent. Information can be gained as per a Mental Probe, and posthypnotic suggestions may be implanted within the victim's mind. Any attempt to force an individual to do something that he would not normally do, or divulge information that he would not normally reveal, will cause the hypnotism to break. A hypnotic command fades in 1-10 hours after it is given.

Sleight of Hand: This is a Talent developed by stage magicians which causes items to appear and disappear by a combination of misdirection and swift, fluid gestures. The character with this Talent may palm small items, making them appear or disappear with Agility +1CS ability.

Resist Domination: This is a Psi-Screen that may be developed by the individuals without that Power. This permits the character to resist mental attacks as if the character had a mental power of Psyche +1CS. The Talent is passive in nature, and does not grant any other particular benefit. A character with Mental Probe may be able to discern where the character gained this Talent, but nothing else.

Occult Lore: The character with this Talent has a knowledge of magical societies, antiquities, runes, and a general understanding of forgotten lore. The character gains a +1CS to Reason FEATs involving items of a magical nature.

Mystic Background: In the Marvel Universe, all humankind has the potential for developing magical Powers. This "Talent" shows that the character has some background with magical forces. Heroes may have derived their powers from these forces if they choose this Talent. A character with this Talent may have Magical Powers, with the approval of the Judge. If the Judge allows magical player characters, then any of the initial Powers created may be spells, and should be noted as deriving from Personal, Universal, or Dimensional energies.

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