Modified Human: This is someone who started life as a Normal Human and was later altered by some means. The change affected his body on a physical level but did not alter his DNA. Genetically, the hero is still very much human and cannot pass on his Powers to his descendants. Organic Modification means the hero's internal organs and nervous system have been altered. Perhaps he now possesses new organs or glands that are the basis for what Powers he has. Muscular Modification is easy to detect; just look for a person with outrageous muscular development. Captain America is a good example of this.

  • Skeletal Modification means the hero's original skeletal structure has been replaced or augmented by artificial means. Although he is also a Random Mutant, Wolverine is a good example of this type of character. The new skeleton can be crammed with various things that can give the hero his Powers.
  • Modified Humans roll on column 1.
  • Organics heal twice as fast as Normal Humans.
  • Musculars gain +1CS Strength and Endurance.
  • Skeletals gain +1CS Resistance to Physical Attacks.
  • At least one Contact should be the organization responsible for the modification.
  • All Modified Humans gain one less Power initially.

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