Malar p44
Title(s)The Beastlord & The Black-Blooded Pard
Power LevelExarch / Lesser deity
AlignmentEvil (Formerly: Chaotic evil)
Evil lycanthropes
Marauding beasts and monsters
WorshipersDruids, evil lycanthropes, hunters, rangers, and sentient carnivores
DomainsAnimal, Chaos, Evil, Moon, Strength, Bestial
Favored WeaponA beast's claw (claw bracer)
Malar symbol

Malar (pronounced MAHL-arr), The Beastlord, is the lesser deity of the hunt, evil lycanthropes, bestial savagery and bloodlust. His dogma concerns savage hunts, the spreading of the curse of lycanthropy and general contempt for civilization. As of the events of the Spellplague, he is an exarch to Silvanus.

Worshipers Edit

Malarites believe that it is honor to Malar if you make your killing bloody and long. His followers sometimes form in bands, called Hunts. While being forbade from slaying the young or the pregnant, Hunts typically follow his dogma and evoke wanton slaughter in Malar's name. Malarites are generally frowned upon by civilization, as they tend to wreak havoc in their wake. One exception of where the worship of Malar is allowed, is in Cormyr.

One of the most respected servants of Malar was Garmos Saernclaws, who is responsible for the gospel of Saernclaws by which all priests of Malar are bound, ensuring that hunts remain clean and disease-free.

Holy Days: High Hunt
This ritual is a vicious hunt in which a captured humanoid is released, and for the next day and night attempts to escape the prowling worshipers of the Beastlord. If he manages to survive, he wins his freedom as well as, perhaps, other things.

Feast of StagsEdit

This day has made Malar's worship more tolerable in certain areas. During the harsh winters in the northern parts of Faerûn, Hunts will choose a village in the wilderness, providing food for the people, with one or two Malarites pledging themselves to keeping the village fed through the snows


Before the Spellplague ravaged Faerun, Malar was one of the Deities of Fury, led by Talos.

He holds a long standing alliance with Lolth against the Seldarine, and other dark deities like Bane and Loviatar. He fights against deities of peace, civilization, and nature, but holds particular hate for Nobanion for defeating him in a battle during the time of troubles.

Almost every other god hates him, including a number of other evil deities.

Although Malar and Silvanus are not fond of each other and typically view each other as opponents[citation needed], after the events of the Spellplague Malar is now subject to Silvanus' rule as a resident of the Deep Wilds. Despite this, Silvanus has not reigned in Malar.

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