FASERIP GdExInAmExRmRm Health = 120Karma = 70 KNOWN POWERS: Invulnerability Cosmic Energy Manipulation Flight (Unearthly: 40 areas/round) The Celestials’other experiment in early hu- manity were the highly advanced and super- humanly powerful Eternals, a long-lived, clearly human-looking race that wields great Powers of cosmic energy manipulation. All Eternals are Invulnerable to Heat, Cold, Energy, Electricity, Radiation, Toxins, and Disease. They do not age. They can still be affected by Stun, Slam, and Kill results, but only by scattering their ashes over a wide area of space can they be permanently slain. They are still vulnerable to mental and magical attacks. Eternals can manipulate Cosmic Energy in a number of discrete fashions. Any Eternal character created may be considered to draw his or her individual Power from Cosmic Energy manipulation, including in some cases such forms as Shape-Shifting, Teleportation, and Matter Manipulation. Eternals may project cosmic energy as Force Bolts of Amazing range and Intensity. Eternals may perform Power stunts with their cosmic energy abilities to assume other super-human Powers, though most stay within their self-imposed limits, working to increase their Powers in discrete personalized areas. Eternals “fly” by means of Levitation, mentally projecting themselves through the air. They may lift and carry others with them as well. More than a hundred Eternals in one location can form the Uni-Mind, an energy creation that resembles a huge brain with Class 1000 abilities under the control of the Eternal leader. This creation has Class 1000 Reason and is used as a parliamentary device to gather a consensus for Eternal affairs. The Uni-Mind also has offensive Powers, but when it challenged the Celestials, it was destroyed and the controlling force, Zuras, was slain. Less than 100 Eternals can create a Uni-Mind of a power equal to their percentage (80 Eternals create a Uni-Mind of 80% power). Eternals have for the most part departed Earth. The Terran Eternals have departed their homes in Olympia, Oceana, and Polaria in order to explore the universe as the Uni-Mind, leaving a handful of adventurers and renegades behind. An Eternal outpost on Saturn’s moon Titan is ruled by Mentor, father of Starfox and Thanos, and is still recovering from a recent war.

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