Energy Body: The hero is a field of coherent energy. The basis for this can be any Energy form found in the Energy Emission and Control sections of this book. The Energy Body can move at will in any direction, even though spaces that lack a medium to transmit it. The Energy Body possesses an Intensity rank of its own; this is how the Health points apply to this being.
Energy Bodies follow the same characteristics as normal energy of the same type. They possess a special vulnerability to Plasma C control I -1CS Resistance). Energy Bodies can be contained within special storage batteries; this is the only way to immobilize these beings.

  • Energy Bodies composed of visible energy types can create a ghost-like image of a human. If the Energy Body possesses Alter Ego, Energy Solidification, or Lifeform Creation, it can form a solid facsimile of a human.
  • The only way to destroy an Energy Body is to completely Negate or solidify its energy.
  • Energy Beings roll on column 5.
  • Energy Beings have a Bonus Power of Energy Emission. Energy Control is an Optional Power.
  • Physical contact with an Energy Being does Feeble damage.

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