Dr. Destruction/King MerosEdit

Race: Atlantean
R destruc
Reason:IncredibleInitaitive: +4


Danger Sense
Power Stunts:

  • Animal Control: Limitaion: All sea life
  • Mind Control
  • Mind Reading: Mind Rider

UV Vision



Gear: Dr. Destruction’s armor and weapons.

• Rifle: The Destruction Ray
Ranged: 8 areas; Damage: Incredible Type: Shooting ;Ammo: Armor Piercing, Knockback 1d6”
• Broadcast: Manipulation, More Range (1000 miles), Device (handheld computer). • Armor (Dr. Destruction’s Armor):Incredible
• Darkvision: Device (helmet). • Teleport: More Range (+24”), Device (power armor).

• Minions: 5 Neptune Guard (see below). • Super Attribute: Strength +4 steps, Vigor +4 steps

Dr. Destruction is none other than King Meros of Atlantis. King Meros was a powerful hero in his own right, but combined with the devices of Dr. Destruction has become one of the most powerful beings on Earth.
However, that is not enough. He knows that he needs Omega to fulfill his plans to drive off the V’sori, and so keeps up the evil personage of Dr. Destruction so that he can keep the supervillains in check. He knows that he plays a dangerous game, but it may be the last hope for Earth.

The Neptune GuardEdit

In addition to Dr. Destruction’s cache of weapons, armor and other ingenious devices, King Meros also has at his command the Neptune Guard, his own personal bodyguards that escaped with him during the destruction of Atlantis. They act the part of his minions and are utterly loyal to Meros. Treat the Neptune Guard as standard Minions, but they have access to heavy armor and weapons, including nullifier guns and shackles.

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