Dinosaur, Giant Plant-eatingEdit

FASERIP GdPrAmUnFbFbFb Health = 164

Dinosaur, Giant Flesh-eatingEdit

FASERIP RmGdInUnFbFbFb Health = 180

Dinosaur, Giant ArmoredEdit

FASERIP InTyAmMnFbFbFb Health = 171 These are the flashiest of the large lizards that once dominated this Earth. They survived until recently in the Savage Land, and regions of Africa are still said to be home to these beasts. The Giant Plant- Eater includes such favorites as the brontosaurus. They move 1 area/round, inflict Blunt damage, and, according to recent studies, travel in herds similar to cattle (check under Cattle for stampedes). Giant Flesh-Eaters include the al[0saurus and the tyrannosuarus rex. They inflict Edged attack damage with their teeth and claws, and move 2 areas/turn. The Giant Armored Dinosaurs include the stegosaurus and triceratops, which have plates that provide Excellent Body Armor, and inflict Edged attack damage with their horns and sharp tails.

Dinosaur, Giant RadioactiveEdit

FASERIP RmRmUnUnPrPrPr Health = 260 The Giant Radioactive Dinosaur is a mutant of unknown origin that survives today in various inaccessible reaches. The Giant Radioactive Dinosaur has Amazing Body Armor, inflicts Edged attack damage, and breathes a 10- area-long stream of Unearthly radioactive energy. This is a moderate example of one such creature, though large ones have plagued Japan and the American West Coast.

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