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Home to the irradiated Atomic Wasteland, the theme park Snake Gulch, Stronghold Prison the most secure prison in the world. The Southwestern Desert is also the stomping grounds of the monster Grond. VIPER has been operating in the area, hunting Grond as well as engaged in some nefarious activities in Area 51. Witchcraft has also been difficult to reach, investigating the paranormal activities in Burnside.
Level Range: 7 - 26
Access: Completion of either Crisis in Canada! or Desert Disaster
Travel: Jet to/from Canadian Wilderness and Millennium City


We were fools. It was the dawn of the atomic age. We were reckless with power. Yes, we could harness the atom, but at what price? A half-century after our nuclear test, and this land is little more than a vast, toxic wasteland.

We used to call this place White Sands. Now it is Burning Sands, and there is nothing that lives here that has not been corrupted by radiation, or mutated into creatures of pure, unbridled hate. It is even worse to the north, the ground zero of the nuclear testing, where a landscape of fetid, glowing pools serves as a home for a legion of crazed, irradiated madmen.

At long last, the superheroes have come here to clean things up. I fear for these brave souls. Some scientists say the radiation in this desert will burn for more than a million years. What chance can any superhero have against that?


  • Area 51
  • Atomic Wasteland
  • Burning Sands
  • Burnside
  • Devil's Head Mesa
  • Project Greenskin
  • Project Stein
  • Qularr Crash Site
  • Snake Gulch


  • Desert Missions
  • Open Missions

ASCIIng for Trouble Hang 'Em High Nadir of the Invaders


  • Stronghold Prison

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