Denizen of the Dark DimensionEdit

FASERIP TyGdTyTyTyGdGd Health = 28Karma = 26 KNOWN POWERS: Mystic Origin The Dark Dimension is a series of pocket dimensions that have been expanded and conquered by the Dread Dormammu. This realm was later ruled by Umar the Unspeak- able, Dormammu’s sister, and presently by Clea, Umar’s daughter. The ruler of the Dark Dimension is recognized by the flames of regency about his or her head. Acollection of pocket dimensions with various populations, natural laws, and sizes, the Dark Dimension appears as a collection of large floating islands, each with its own localized gravity, all connected by a variety of mystic bridges and passages. One section of the Dimension is walled off by a mystical force field—the domain of the Mindless Ones, a nonsentient destructive race. The Dark Dimension is inherently and powerfully magical in nature, such that magical Powers are +1CS when operating within it, and dimensional apertures may be formed from it to any other known dimension. The normal citizens of the dimension have no inherent magical ability, but may be easily trained, as magic is as available a force as technology is on 20th century Earth.

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