Cyber replacement of normal eyes offers 20/20 vision as standard. Replacement almost always involves both eyes, because mismatched pairs will send imbalanced signals to the brain. Outwardly, the implants may be indistinguishable from biogical eyes, or they may be outlandish, ranging from neoniris effects (complete with gold-lettered manufacturered logo) to the high-chrome, featureless style. Cybereyes will accept additional vision enchancements of up to .5 Essnce Cost without further Essence loss. They also come with cleaning kits that wearers must use regularly.
If a metahuman has his or her eyes cybernetically replaced, he or she loses natural vision enchancements such as low light or thermographic vision, but can have such features installed in the new eyes. Retinal modification rather than eye replacement is also an option for the appearance-conscious, but each feature has its own impact on the user's system.
Cybereye enchancements include the following:

  • Camera:
  • Cosmetic Modification:
  • Display Link:
  • Flare Compensation:
  • Image Link:
  • Cosmetic Modification:
  • Low-Light:
  • Opticam:
  • Protective Covers:
  • Retinal Clock:
  • Retinal Duplication:
  • Thermographic:
  • Vision Magnification:

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