Compound Form: The hero's body contains aspects of two or more of the preceding Body Types. As such, it possesses a mixture of the advantages and disadvantages of each type.
Die Roll Number Adv./Disadv. %
01-50 2 50%
51-75 3 33%
76-95 4 25%
96-00 5 20%
The Combination of advantage and disadvantage is unique to each Compound.
When creating a Compound character, the player first generates the number of Body Types combined in his character, then the actual types, using the Body Type Table above. The next step is determining the advantages and disadvantages are retained by the compound.
Example: The dice have assigned the hero a Compound Body Type. Muttering under his breath ("Great, I get to play a freak"), the player rolls a 61. His Compound has three aspects, which the dice again decide16 (Normal Human), 69 (Chiropteran), and 72 (Other Demihuman).
Three Body Types get him a 33% chance of retaining advantages and disadvantages. He starts rolling. By the time he's done, his freak has begun to form. The character's wings sprout from his back, rather than being formed by his arms. The ears are smaller and more human-like since he lacks sonar. From the Other Demihuman aspect, a waspman, he gets a stinger that does Excellent Paralysis damage and rigid plates on his torso.

  • The artificial Body Types lend themselves especially well to creating Compounds. All such Compounds are automatically Cyborgs.
  • Compounds only roll on a single column, determined by the A/D percentage.
  • Most Compounds are unique individuals. Due to their peculiar nature, they do nor easily reproduce. Genetic offspring, including clones, possess only a single aspect. In the example, a clone of the freak would be either a Normal Human, Chiropteran, or wasp- man.
  • Popularity is decreased -1CS, cumulative with any losses determined by the various aspects (Body Types).

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