Marvel boarder

Column Shift TableEdit

Modifiers to HitEdit

These are organized from negative CS to positive CS, in ascending order.
If target dodges successfully-2CS, -4CS, or -6CS For multiple attacks on a single roll-4CS Target moving faster than 10 areas/round-4CS Agility attacks in Melee-3CS Target less than 1/4-inch tall-3CS Target between 1/4-inch and 1 inch tall-2CS Shooting through objects to hit target-2CS Target moving between 5 and 10 areas/round-2CS Target between 1 and 6 inches tall-1CS With any weapon beyond 1 area-1CS With any power beyond maximum range-1CS Target moving up to 5 areas/round-1CS Underwater-1CS Distance attacks in rain-1CS Firing bow without Bow skill-1CS Distance attacks in night conditions-1CS Distance attacks in fog conditions-1CS Charging attack, moving 1, 2, or 3 +1, +2, areas before strikingor +3CS 1 round after successful evasion+1CS or +2CS Catching attempt that gets "miss" result+1CS Target between 7 and 16 feet tall+1CS Target between 17 and 22 feet tall+2CS Target over 22 feet tall+3CS Opponent Held or Partially Held+1CS Attack by ambush+1CS Aiming attack+1CS Shooting attack with Gun skill+1CS Thrown weapon with Thrown Weapon skill+1CS Firing Bow with Bow skill+1CS Bult weapon attack with Blunt Weapon +1CS Skill Sharp weapon attack with Sharp Weapon +1CS Skill Oriental weapon atack wih Oriental Skill+1CS Shooting or Thrown attack with +1CS Marksmanship Skill Melee weapon attack with Weapons Master +1CS Skill Slugfest attack with Martial Arts B skill+1CS Grappling attack with Martial Arts C skill+1CS Thrown object attack with Thrown +1CS Objects Skill Blindsiding attack+2CS Luring target+2CS Specialized weapon attack+2CS Grappling attack with Wrestling skill+2CS Point Blank range+3CS Flying character who is Diving+4CS Modifiers to Damage Successful Block-6CS, -4CS, or -2CS Flames up to 2 areas away-6CS Flames up to 1 area away-3CS Attacks in Cold (-0) weather-1CS Weapon's material strength greater +1CS than character's Strength Unsuccessful Block+1CS Specific attacks against Enhanced Senses+1CS Modifiers to FEAT Rolls Unsuccesfful multiple combat -3CS actions attempt Character at less than full Endurance-2CS Dark conditions-2CS When in partial hold-2CS When Dodging-2CS Successful multiple combat -1CS actions attempt In Hot (90+ degrees) weather-1CS In Cold (-0 degrees) weather-1CS Aided by character of similar power+1CS

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