Costume Snitchcat NoName CC Comic Page Blue 330374428

Level: 26
Studying: Arms (Specialized)
Current Zone: Millennium City
Energy Builder: Electric Bolt (Electricity)
Ranged Attack: Lightning Arc (Electricity), Power Gauntlet (Power Armor), and Shuriken Throw (Martial Arts)
Close Area Attack: Mini Mines (Munitions)
Range Area Attack: Frag Grenade (Munitions)
Control Pets: Munition Bots (Gatgeteer) and Support Drones (Gatgeteer)
Buff Self:Invulnerability (Power Armor)
Block: Block
Movement: Hover Disk
Innate Characteristic: Abyssal (Con/End), Super Constitution (Con), Super Endurance (End)
Talent: Enduring (Con), Energetic (End), Boundless Reserves (Con/End), & Quick Recovery (Con/Rec) and Paramilitary Training (Str/Con/End/Rec)

Dexterity:34Critical Chance6.78%
Constitution:106Critical Severity31%
Ego:10Phyiscal Defense26.7
Presence:13Energy Defense26.7
Recovery:18Dodge Chance10%

Super Group:Titans South


LevelRequired XPXP to Next LevelProgression
272,904,300 380,800 2 Advantage Points(Rank)
283,285,100 413,500 2 Advantage Points
293,698,600 447,600 1 Power Point
304,146,200 483,200 2 Advantage Points, Costume Slot
314,629,400 520,200 2 Advantage Points
325,149,600 558,700 1 Power Point, Build Slot
335,708,300 598,600 2 Advantage Points
346,306,900 640,100 2 Advantage Points
356,947,000 683,000 1 Power Point, 2nd Travel Power
367,630,000 727,400 2 Advantage Points
378,357,400 773,200 2 Advantage Points
389,130,600 820,600 1 Power Point
399,951,200 869,400 2 Advantage Points
4010,820,600 919,800 2 Advantage Points, 1 Build Slot

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