once again....the game is afoot!! this particular campaign has spread itself out for nearly two decades with a vast array of spirits and souls to rage on about. this chapter is the newest in the line that extends itself to the privy of gods and normal men alike. though bluster and bravado are the order of the day, there have been casualties along the way. in the last most recent conflict....the great MASS was lost in a conflict that took the life of the freelance villian SKYSCRAPER. Skyscrapers' remains were recovered from the titanic battle but no trace of MASS was ever found. this ended the blood war that raged for nearly a decade between various factions both good and evil. mutant killing mutant. man killing man. the diabolic RAMEUS still exists to the best of our knowledge but no one has seen or heard from the construct since it's plan was foiled. one can only assume it lays in wait...preparing. 1995 also saw the demise of GRIMJACK a.k.a. surge, a.k.a. sergei novotonov. the soviet counter intel ace was killed in a massive conflict with the deadly BLACK HAMMER SQUAD. GRIMJACK was not the only to fall. the entire CLAN BUSHIDO fell save for LARSON. it was one of the most bloodthirsty times in recent memory.

more details to come.........


Current CharactersEdit

Alternate CharactersEdit

NPCS of noteEdit


  • Larson ( formerly of The Clan Bushido )
  • Big Red ( Metalstorm )



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