Artificer's MonocleEdit

Artificer's Monocle

Magic Of Eberron

Price (Item Level): 1,500 gp (5th)
Body Slot: Face
Caster Level: 5th
Aura: Faint; (DC 17) divination
Activation: See text
This glass lens is rimmed with gold and has a fine gold chain attached to an ear clip.
Putting on a monocle is a standard action. While wearing an artificer's monocle, when­ ever you successfully use your artificer knowledge class feature (ECS 31) to detect an item's magical aura or you cast detect magic and have at least 5 ranks of Knowl­edge (arcana), you can spend 1 additional minute studying the item. If you do, you can identify the abilities of that item as if you had cast identify upon it.
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, identify, artificer knowledge or Knowledge (arcana) 5 ranks.
Cost to Create: 750 gp, 60 XP, 2 days.


Magic Item Compendium

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