I'm a little one sided. Love my hunter.

Like most of the other Blood Elves, Aranca's life was destroyed by Scourge invasion and destruction of the Sunwell. Her father was a general whom died in the war, her mother went insane with the loss of the sunwell and is turning into a wretched. Her only reaming relative, a brother named Anderron barely talks to her. She's been trying to rebuild her live slowly, which just jumped into leaps and bounds thanks to her, now husband Firvan and their coming child.

There has been a conflicting storyline going on with Wollfe who has been unable to play due to a computer problem but should be rejoining shortly. Wollfe got her addicted to Fel in order to 1.Get her off mana crystals so she won't become a wretched and 2.In order to have a form of control over her. With Firvan and Lucinther away...who will protect Aracna from Wollfe's advances?

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