Apparatus of the CrabEdit

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This item appears to be a large, sealed iron barrel, but it has a secret catch (Search DC 20 to locate) that opens a hatch in one end. Anyone who crawls inside finds ten (unlabeled) levers: The device has the following characteristics: hp 200; hardness 15; Spd 20 ft., swim 20 ft.; AC 20 (–1 size, +11 natural); Atk +12 melee (2d8, 2 pincers).

1Extend/retract legs and tail
2Uncover/cover forward porthole
3Uncover/cover side portholes
4Extend/retract pincers and feelers
5Snap pincers
6Move forward/backward
7Turn left/right
8Open “eyes” with continual flame inside/close “eyes”
9Rise/sink in water
10Open/close hatch

Operating a lever is a full-round action, and no lever may be operated more than once per round. However, since two Medium characters can fit inside, the apparatus can move and attack in the same round. The device can function in water up to 900 feet deep. It holds enough air for a crew of two to survive 1d4+1 hours (twice as long for a single occupant). When activated, the apparatus looks something like a giant lobster.

Strong evocation and transmutation; CL 19th; Craft Wondrous Item, animate objects, continual flame, creator must have 8 ranks in the Knowledge (architecture and engineering) skill
Price: 90,000 gp
Weight: 500 lb.

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