Angels and Demons: These are magical beings from other planes of existence.
They are both supernatural and corporeal in nature. The main difference between these types is their inherent personality.
"Angels" are benevolent; "demons" are malevolent. Other than that, there isn't much difference.

  • These beings resemble characters from various mythologies. This affects their Popularity. Angels gain +2CS while demons lose -2CS on their initial Popularity.
  • These beings do not necessarily follow the popular traditional behavior patterns. A heroic demon might be fighting a personal war against other, even more evil beings.

A crazed angel might be a villain, seeking to purify the Earth at any cost.

  • Angels and Demons roll on Column 5.
  • Angels and demons have no initial Contacts but will soon be sought out by groups who see them as symbols or tools.
  • All Physical Abilities are raised +1CS.
  • Such beings possess a Psychological Weakness that Negates their Power.
  • Angels gain +2CS Popularity.
  • Demons lose -2CS Popularity.
  • Demons automatically possess Good Fire Generation and Specific Invulnerability to Heat and Fire.
  • Angels automatically possess a specific form of Artifact Creation that produces a magical sword that does Excellent damage.

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