Level: Artificer 1
Components: S, M
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: Touch
Target: Suit of armor touched
Duration: 10 min./level
Saving Throw: None (object)
Spell Resistance: No (object)

Armor imbued with this infusion absorbs 5 points of damage from the next attack that deals damage to the creature that wears it. (treat this as a any-time damage reduction 5/-). Forms of damage that aren't affected by damage reduction like wise overcome ablative armor. Once the infused item has prevented damage from a single attack (even if not all the damage reduction is needed), magic fades.
The damage reduction increases by 1 for every caster level above 1st to a maximum of 15/- at 10th level
Material Component: A shard of scrap metal from a forge.

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